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Why choose tile?

Mohawk tile flooring in [[ cms:structured_address_city]] from 916 Floors
With a wide selection of colors, textures and sizes in rustic, refined and casual looks, tile has unlimited applications in a stylish home.

Our customers love tile for its exquisite and sophisticated look, extreme durability, great versatility, easy maintenance and safety. Tile is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms because tile resists scratches, moisture, bacteria and odors. Thanks to a nearly unlimited array of visuals, shades and textures, ceramic tile can help you design one-of-a-kind rooms.

Here are some exciting ways you can use tile:
  • To completely maximize the vibe of a room, choose a tile size that will produce the desired effect. Smaller tiles can help a room feel less constricted, while larger tiles bring order to open spaces. Likewise, patterns are best used in proportion to the space.
Mohawk tile flooring in [[ cms:structured_address_city]] from 916 Floors
Mohawk tile flooring in [[ cms:structured_address_city]] from 916 Floors
Mohawk tile flooring in [[ cms:structured_address_city]] from 916 Floors
For even greater performance, porcelain is one of the hardest-working tile choices out there. Its dense material is highly water resistant and withstands exposure to freezing and thawing. For clean lines, form and function, take your home updates to the next level with brilliant tile options for your home.

There are many tile textures, images and colors available and we invite you to browse our catalog HERE or visit 916 Floors to view them in person.

Featured tile products

Cassaro Crme
Crème by Mohawk Industries
Grand Boulevard Simple White Polished
Simple White Polished by Mohawk Industries
Loftland Beechwood
Beechwood by Mohawk Industries
Via Piave Nova Beige
Nova Beige by Mohawk Industries

Ceramic & porcelain floors in your home

Have you ever considered ceramic & porcelain flooring for your home? If you have, you’re certainly in good company. In fact, these materials have been used for literally thousands of years, for homes and dwellings all across the globe. With some tile flooring dating back as far as 5000 BC, it’s no wonder that homeowners still look to this product to make their floors look great. Better still, the benefits are still just as important as they always have been, and are a reason behind their extra long lifespan.

916 Floors knows that you don’t want to have to replace your flooring any more often than you have to. This floor covering makes that possibility a reality, and we can help you choose the perfect product for your home. We’ll work with you from start to finish, to make sure you have everything you need. To get that process started, just stop by our showroom located in Roseville, CA. From there, we serve the areas of Roseville, Sacramento and Rancho Cordova, CA, and we’d love to serve you as well. Our flooring professionals will be standing by to assist you.
Luxury tile in Roseville CA from 916 Floors

Ceramic & porcelain offers great benefits

In most cases, homeowners automatically think ceramic & porcelain tiles are synonymous with the bathroom. It’s certainly true that they greatly enhance that specific area of your home. They are durable and waterproof, and can stand up to everything that room has to dish out. With special nonslip glazes, they can even be a great addition inside your very shower stall.

However, that’s certainly not the only room they’re good for. In fact, any space in your home can benefit from this great material. In living spaces, where you can really utilize the abundance of design possibilities, you can create your very own artistic or eclectic design with colors, patterns, or a mosaic of your own choosing.

In addition to being waterproof and easy to design with, these floors are very easy to clean and maintain. Your flooring specialist will go over all the details with you, but there’s little you’ll have to worry about, especially when it comes to spills, footprints, pet dander and more.

Ceramic & porcelain is a great choice for homeowners who might have allergies. This hypoallergenic material never holds on to allergens, and there are no nooks and crannies for them to hide in. So once you’ve cleaned your floor, it’s like starting new and fresh, every time.

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