Cool tile flooring in a Roseville, CA home

Does tile flooring keep a room colder?

At one time, ceramic and porcelain floor tile was installed mainly in moisture-prone rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. Today, this time-honored flooring is found in living, dining, and family rooms, too. Tile doesn't harbor dust and allergens, and it resists stains and abrasion. It 'fits' well in every space since it comes in many attractive designs, including those that mimic wood and stone. 916 Floors is a tile shop in Roseville, California that offers a large selection of tile flooring. Emser Tile and Arizona Tile are two of the high-quality brands that we carry.

Heat conductor

Clay-based tile flooring does not keep a room colder. If the thermostat in your home is set at 72 degrees, the room and the tile floor are 72 degrees. But tile makes a room feel colder because it repels heat. Materials like wood and carpet, on the other hand, retain heat. Further, tile feels cold underfoot because, unlike wood and carpet, it is a good heat conductor. When heat transfers from one object to another object, it gives coolness to the warmer object. In other words, tile draws warmth from your feet, which makes the floor feel cold.


If you prefer to have a floor that is always warm underfoot, you can add heat to a tile floor with a radiant heating system. If that’s not feasible, a well-placed carpet becomes a welcome addition to a room. Consider carpet runners in a gallery-style kitchen. Or place carpet tiles or an area rug in the well- used part of a room, for example, under a couch, coffee table, and television.

Family-owned 916 Floors can satisfy all of your flooring needs. Our tile store serves the Sacramento, California, area, including Rancho Cordova. We can install your tile floor, and we invite you to take advantage of our helpful design consultation service, too. Tile flooring estimates are always free.
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