Is it always necessary to use grout with tile flooring?

Is it always necessary to use grout with tile flooring?

Grout enhances the refined appearance of tile, but it requires some upkeep to keep it looking new. Groutless tile may be better if you favor maintenance-free flooring or prefer a no-grout look.

916 Floors is a tile shop in Roseville, CA, that carries all types of tile flooring, including brands requiring no grout when installed.


Groutless tile is an option only when a subfloor is level and dry and the floor isn't heavily trafficked. Indeed, there are two main reasons that grout is commonly used for tile installation, which explains these requirements. Grout prevents:

●  moisture from seeping between the tiles to the subfloor.

●  tiles from moving around and becoming damaged.

No-grout tiles

Floor tile laid without applying grout around the edges is made of ceramic or porcelain, a specialized type of ceramic. More specifically, each tile comprises a thin ceramic layer over plastic. While traditional tiles require mortar to keep them in place, these seamless tiles are designed with tongue-and-groove interlocking edges and built-in grout.


Groutless floor tile clicks and locks together to form a floor that floats above the subfloor. Because no attachment to a subfloor is needed, the tiles can be easily installed over existing hard surface flooring or a cement slab. In contrast to traditional tile flooring, no dry time is required so that a new floor can be walked on immediately after installation.

Visit 916 Floors for tile flooring today!

Family-owned 916 Floors, a tile store founded in 2002, serves the Sacramento Roseville metropolitan area, including the city of Rancho Cordova. Design consultation and in-home measurement are two services completed before each flooring installation project. Visit our showroom today to discover groutless tile tailor-made for your tile floor upgrade.
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