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Want to protect your investment? Then get waterproof floors

Thinking of remodeling, but you want to make sure you get your money's worth? Want to protect your floors from spills, accidents, and stains? Then waterproof flooring is the only choice you have. Not only will they be protected, but they will look good as well.

Waterproof floors are sensible. You want your floors to last, so making them impenetrable to water is the only option. By choosing waterproof floors, you get to apply this smart choice to all your rooms! They can go in bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, foyer, and basements.


Waterproof laminate flooring is a very durable material and can be a wise option for your floors. It can look like wood, stone, or tile. It can come in a waterproof version that will give the functionality and beauty of your floor. It goes with any look in your home. The installation is quick and easy because it is installed as a floating floor over your existing one.


Waterproof vinyl flooring comes in a thickness of 8 millimeters, but you can get up to 20 millimeters to prolong its life. The thicker it is, the longer it will last. Vinyl is durable against scratches, spills, and stains because, at its core, it is a composite wood or stone layer. It can look like wood or stone and feel like that material underfoot.


Vinyl and laminate come in planks or tiles. When they are fitted together, they form a tight seal over the subfloor. So installation as a floating floor is quick and easy.

Benefits of vinyl and laminate

Do you have pets? If so, then know that vinyl and laminate are the easiest to clean, even if you have the messiest of critters. If Fido tracks mud onto the floor, a damp mop takes care of it those paw prints. A quick sweeping or vacuuming takes care of fur and hair or kibble. For "accidents," warm soapy water won’t hurt the waterproof laminate or vinyl. Of course, it doesn't absorb stains or odors, so once it's clean, it can be forgotten entirely.

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